BlackCloud - A Collection of Cloud-based Collaboration Tools and Project Management Software

Software to simplify your worklife.BlackCloud’s collaboration tools streamline the project management process and eliminate repetitive tasks from the initial client pitch through to the final project delivery.

Designed for creatives by creatives.BlackCloud was developed for all creative industries from branding and identity, web and app design and development, social media and marketing, motion video and photography, architecture and more.

Save time and money.Our cloud-based tools will prevent budget blowouts, reduce administration time and improve team accountability, allowing you to get on with your work.

Citrine timesheet

CITRINE Timesheet - A Cloud-based Timesheet Management Tool

Introducing the intelligent timesheet.CITRINE Timesheet is an automated time management system that records your work time with simple pop-up confirmations, minimising manual input and enabling you to get on with your work stress free.

Planning your time is easy.Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor or team member, CITRINE improves your time management and ability to plan for future projects. Create more transparency with your clients by indexing and exporting your timesheets for viewing, improving communication and avoiding conflict.

CITRINE Timesheet saves you time.Every minute of the day is accountable with auto-notification reminders for incomplete timesheets. CITRINE detects the client and project you’re working on by integrating with all of BlackCloud products, making the process of entering timeblocks faster and more accurate.

Export timesheets

CITRINE Timesheet allows you and your team to track and manage your time between clients and projects easily.
The Export feature enables you to provide your client with a simple breakdown by team member, project and task to improve communication and avoid conflict.

  • Export timesheet data for clients and studio managers

Drag and pop

CITRINE Timesheet's 'drag and pop' function allows you to select a timeblock and drag down through multiple timeblocks with a simple and effective popup confirming the client, project and task.

  • Drag and pop multiple timeblocks saving time
  • 'All Day' timeblocks for conferences

Filtering time blocks

CITRINE Timesheet is a studio managers best friend, allowing them to filter tasks by client or project to quickly display an up-to-date total number of hours spent. A reminder alert is sent to the staff member and studio manager at the end of the day notifying them of any incomplete timeblocks.

  • Filter time between client, project and staff
  • Incomplete timeblock reminders
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Sapphire checklist

SAPPHIRE Checklist - A Cloud-based Task Manager and Project Management Tool

Simple cloud-based checklists.Manage your entire project with checklists to guide collaboration between your team, clients and suppliers. Encourage team accountability by assigning task completion and approval and create checklist templates to eliminate project process repetition.

Easily organise your team.SAPPHIRE Checklist enables team leaders, studio managers and individuals to create clear project checklists and processes. Improve your time management and ensure staff accountability with prioritised task checklists.

Save time and boost productivity.SAPPHIRE Checklist helps you plan your project from start to finish, clearly defining staff responsibilities and reducing micromanagement. Save time spent chasing up clients through automated notifications and reminders to ensure your project stays on track.


Sapphire Checklist enables you create checklists to help organise your business from company and HR process, sales and tender writing to small or large scale project checklists, assigning each task to multiple team members to complete and approve.

  • Sales pitches and tender writing process
  • Project checklists
  • Company processes

Assigning tasks

Assign tasks to any staff member or client to complete a task, and another member to approve when the task is been completed successfully. Dependable tasks can be set, preventing a person completing a task when a related task is yet to be approved.

  • Staff and client accountability
  • Reduce human error


All notifications are sent, received and stored via the notifications pane which can be viewed or hidden at any stage, without interrupting your current workflow. Notifications are also sent to each team member via email.

  • Immediate alerts prevents delays
  • Eliminates the need to leave current page
  • Reduce delays in communication between tasks
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Onyx core

ONYX Core - A Free Cloud-Based Project and Customer Relationship Management System

ONYX Core is a CRM made simple.This all-in-one management system stores all client, staff and project data, including quicknotes for sales leads and quicklinks to client and company social media accounts for easy access. All BlackCloud products are powered by the information stored in ONYX Core.

Keep the whole team up-to-date.ONYX Core is designed to organise your clients’ contact information and manage project data. Keep track of clients and potential clients allowing your team to develop ongoing relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

ONYX Core saves you time.Information stored in ONYX Core integrates with all BlackCloud products, feeding data through estimates and invoices, project checklists and timelines, client and staff contracts and agreements and client surveys to maximise workflow with minimal effort.


Manage all of your client, supplier and contractor data, with primary contact details and company social media accounts, for easy access. Easily add notes and reminders to each clients profiles to keep everyone up-to-date and assist in following leads.

  • Manage customer data quickly and securely
  • Add notes and reminders to follow up on leads
  • Easy access to client social media accounts


Assign people to each company profile including team members, clients, contractors and suppliers, storing data securely for quick retrieval.

  • Manage your entire team from one page
  • Easily find and manage each company profile


Organise each of your projects and project types based on your company services. Archive completed projects or mark popular projects as 'favourite' for easy access.

  • Organise large client base with 'favourites'
  • Immediate alerts preventing delays
  • Store all of your client and project data
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5 reasons why you'll love BlackCloud

  1. Manage all customer, staff and project data securely with easy access.
  2. Add notes and reminders to each of your customers profiles.
SAPPHIRE Checklist
  1. Easily create Checklist templates based on your services and project types.
  2. Assign tasks to be completed and approved by multiple team members with reminders and messages.
  3. View a live progress update of each project based on the Checklist status.

Pricing plans

Onyx Core

  • 50 Projects
  • 15 gb space

Sapphire checklist

  • 50 Projects
  • 15 gb space

Citrine timesheet

  • 50 Projects
  • 15 gb space

Emerald To-do

  • 50 Projects
  • 15 gb space